Viewing wildlife in the San Juan’s from the water

We would like to thank all of our wonderful charter sailboat guests for making this past cruising season a success beyond our projections! Throughout theimg_5320 season we got to see many scenic and beautiful sights — San Juan Island wildlife never ceases to amaze — and boy, did we get to see a lot of wildlife around the San Juan Islands! Humpback and Minke whales, river otter, porpoise and dolphin, and did I mention Orca whales up close and personal?  Throughout the season, we were able to treat our guests to a viewing of a large group of Stellar sea lions and harbor seals on the reef off of Ewing Cove just east of Sucia Island.

081The Orcas did not disappoint either this season. We saw several whales north of Patos Island, as well as in Haro Strait and from the lookout at Turnpoint on Stewart Island. Also in Haro Strait, we spotted a Minke whale AND got to experience the exhilaration of having a pod of Dahls porpoise ride our bow wave!d0ecb4ff243fcfcd845c1d09a74d331e

We had some guests from London England who really wanted to see a bald eagle. Curiously, our eagle sightings this season were somewhat slim. However on our last day at Cypress Island we saw two eagles feasting on a fish that one of them had caught on the shore of one img_5382of the Cone Islands.

Another great spot for spotting wildlife is on Spieden Island. Years ago, some intrepid entrepreneur had the not-so PC idea of converting the island into a big game hunting park.img_5366 The endeavor failed, but exotic animals still inhabit the island, including fallow and Sitka deer and Mouflon sheep. On our way to Friday Harbor with some early bird guests, we saw literally hundreds of these animals grazing on the savanna-like slopes of Spieden Island’s south shore. And finally while exploring by land, we came across a red fox on the roadside near American Camp just hanging out and enjoying the sunny weather!img_5336