Specialty Sails

Special Occasions, Weddings, and Holiday Cruises

Escape the holiday crowds by setting sail on a multi-day sailing adventure or Surprise Mom or Dad with a Day Sailing Adventure before or after dining on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Catch the sunset and enjoy the fireworks from the waters of Bellingham Bay on Independence Day.


Wedding Cruises

Wedding plans in the future?  For an intimate, romantic cruise, join us aboard Diminuendo for a memorable cruise.

Planning to elope?  What could be more romantic than having a captain officiate your wedding at sea or on a secluded beach on a remote island?  Captain Scott is ordained in the state of Washington and would be happy to share your special day with the beautiful San Juan Islands as a backdrop

More elaborate plans? Many wedding venues in Northwest Washington are located on the waterfront, and several have docks available.  This would make it possible for us to whisk you away on a sailing cruise honeymoon following your wedding and reception; picture your very own Pacific Northwest wedding cruise.

Anniversary Cruises

Celebrate your special milestone anniversary by escaping on a second honeymoon with a San Juan Island sailboat cruise with your sweetheart. Not married yet? Imagine yourself on bent knee on a remote beach while the sun glints on the ring she’ll treasure forever.

Memorial Cruises

Mark the passing of a loved one with a memorial at sea. In life, they had a love affair with the sea. Let the departed become one with the sea by scattering their ashes to the wind and waves. Share your fondest memories of the departed with their closest family and friends on the healing waters.


Reunion Cruises

Reunite with Mom and Dad or your favorite aunt, uncle, and cousin for a week you’ll never forget.

Families with well behaved children are always welcome aboard Diminuendo. Getting the next generation involved in pulling sheets or taking a turn at the helm is always a great experience for the kids.

Holiday Cruises in the San Juan Islands

Escape the holiday crowds in style aboard Diminuendo! You’ll be amazed how peaceful and tranquil the islands are when the highways, parks, and campgrounds are overrun with holiday revelers.

Mother’s Day Cruise

Show Mom you love her by treating her to a dream holiday cruise.

Mom brought you into this world. She nurtured you and cared for you. She wiped away your tears and hugged you as only a mother could. Allow the crew of Diminuendo to pamper her for a few days to show your appreciation for all she does. She’ll love the quiet of gliding along under sail and sleeping in a quiet cove.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May.

Father’s Day Cruise

What can we say about Dad? He is your rock. He has steered you down the right path when you may have strayed. He always stood at the helm in your life, now let him take the helm of a yacht for a few days.

Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June.

Memorial Day Cruise

Memorial Day is a time to show appreciation for those who paid the ultimate price while serving our country. The islands provide the perfect setting for quiet reflection.

Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday in May.


Independence Day Cruise

Celebrate Independence Day at the anchor in Friday Harbor, where you will have the best view possible for the wonderful fireworks display. You’ll be amazed at how un-crowded and peaceful the islands are.

Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th.

Labor Day Cruise

Labor Day commemorates the working people, people like you who toil to make a better life for yourself and provide for your family. Summer may be winding down as fall approaches, but people here know that September is usually the most beautiful time in the Pacific Northwest.

Labor Day is celebrated on the 1st Monday in September.

Bareboat Charters

More experienced guests may prefer a bare-boat charter.  We are happy to offer Diminuendo for your use. Please call for rates.

Looking for a San Juan Islands chartered sailboat vacation?

Look no further than Northwest Sailing Adventures!