Crabbing and Fishing in the San Juan Islands!

IMG_3963We are excited to report that this last cruise produced some of the most exciting gifts from the San Juan waters! After a disappointing first day of crabbing, we had to wait a couple of days before we could lower the trap again. Looks like the only thing we were able to catch was a fellow sailor, IMG_0783who needed a tow into Roche Harbor! Our guest, Lee, brought his fishing gear along to try his hand at trolling for salmon. This is something he has never done before and decided that the waters off of Stewart Island, between Reid and Prevost Harbors, looked like a good spot. The line had hardly been in the water but a few minutes and we got a bite. Lee reeled in a beautiful salmon! IMG_0789Looks like dinner in Friday Harbor might just have to wait! Later at Prevost Harbor, we dropped the crab pot and took off to enjoy some of the scenic IMG_3992walks on the island. Upon returning, we discovered twelve crabs had made their way into our trap! After releasing the females and the little guys, we still had four Dungeness Crabs to add to our dinner pot. Ron took the whole fish and stuffed it with onion and lemon slices, then wrapped it in foil and set it on the barbecue grill. Twenty minutes later we had a perfect salmon dinner. Not trying to push our IMG_0797luck, we dropped the crab trap again at Friday Harbor. What would you know- we got 025our full quota of crab, including a red rock crab! This time we treated ourselves to a morning of crab and eggs for breakfast. Could I actually be becoming tired of Dungeness crab?