Getting Crabby at Roche and Friday Harbors!

IMG_0717Now that crab season has finally arrived in the San Juans, it was finally time for us to drag out the trusty crab pot. With newly-minted fishing licence in hand, we first tired our luck out during a lunch stop-over in Roche Harbor. Armed with frozen salmon scraps as bait we dinghyed out to what looked like a popular spot and dropped the pot, returning a couple of hours later to check if any crab may have been unlucky enough to wander into our trap before we set of the Friday Harbor.
IMG_0719 While I watched from the boat, it was apparent to me by the obvious lack of excitement on the part of the dinghy crew that we had come up empty. But wait! In the bottom of the boat was the fruit of our catch! IMG_0722Needless to say it didn’t measure up and went back into the water! Upon reaching Friday Harbor we prayed to the seafood Gods and dropped the trap again. The next morning (with mounting excitement) we raised the trap yet again. This time success – just barely! Ron dispatched the crab humanely (Not getting the crab’s opinion I can only presume) and we and our guests enjoyed a fabulous breakfast of Dungeness crab and eggs. Not too bad for our first attempt!