Geocaching the Washington San Juan Islands by Sailboat Charter


Planning on attending the Geocaching event in the San Juans on August 27?

How would you like to arrive in style aboard your own private sailboat? On the way, you’ll visit the outer islands inaccessible by ferry. There you will log caches while drinking in the scenic wonders around you.

Skip the ferry lines; you’ll board Diminuendo in beautiful Bellingham. You can skip the search for accommodations as well; you’ll have your very own private cabin. Our charters are all-inclusive; you need only bring your clothes, toiletries, alcoholic beverages, and a sense of adventure! (And your GPS)

Invite your friends! Diminuendo can comfortably accommodate up to six guests.

Already have plans to reach the islands? we can pick you and your friends  up in Friday Harbor for an overnight sailing and caching trip to the outer islands.

Call Mari at (206)854-3284 or Ron at (253)381-3919 for more details.

Your First Mate and fellow Geocacher, Mari

I have participating in Geocaching for over ten years. Since the beginning I have always adopted the philosophy to always “stop and smell the roses” while caching. In other words, I choose quality over quantity, and select my finds based on their merit: Do they take me somewhere beautiful, unique and memorable? And does the cache serve to compliment, rather than dominate the experience? Is this a place I would enjoy visiting, cache or no cache?

I observed over the years as the spirit of the activity evolved from a chance to explore the great outdoors to a frantic, mad dash to earn and maintain your ranking. As the offspring of two avid Washington Geocachers, I watched with dismay as they too got caught up in the numbers game (that is until they drew the line at collecting power trails – to my great relief).  However destination oriented caches continue to draw me in.

The San Juan archipelago offer some of the most wild, untamed natural landscapes one could ever hope to explore, and apparently, no shortage of Geocaches. Did you know that some of these caches have been placed on islands accessible only by boat? Here in the San Juan’s you can bag that elusive 5/5 you’ve been waiting for on either Sucia or Stuart Island! On the flip side of that coin, Both Friday and Roache Harbors on San Juan Island have dozens within walking distance of the marina. Photo Ops abound and even if you choose to travel in the company of muggles everyone can still have a wonderful experience!

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