San Juan Island Chartered Sailboat Vacations

At Northwest Sailing Adventures we are dedicated to serving a variety of fun, fresh, delicious meals all throughout your upcoming personal sailing charter. After all the years of working in restaurants and catering events, Firstmate/Chef Todd has found that the small, intimate setting of a charter cruise is the perfect platform to explore and perfect menu items that are based on quality ingredients. Just like the various anchorages and passages on your cruise, we are also looking to take you on a culinary adventure! Whether it be Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon Braised in an oregano, orange, tomato broth paired with a Citrus Rice Pilaf and Roasted Asparagus, a Turkey Pesto Melt with Feta and sweet balsamic glaze, or our Fresh Caught Dungeness Crab Benedict with arugula and a homemade Hollandaise, we are looking to provide a combination of sensational flavors and textures that will be sure to satisfy.

We are dedicated to quality and, accommodating any dietary restrictions, food allergies, likes, or dislikes, is an absolute top priority. Communicating your culinary preferences with the Northwest Sailing Adventures team will allow us to personalize a custom menu that will meet (if not exceed!) your expectations.

Cuisine at NW Sailing Adventures
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