Bon Voyage!

Photo of Ron and Mari

2022 begins with big news for Northwest Sailing Adventures!

Mari and I founded Northwest Sailing Adventures in 2014. By the conclusion of the 2021 sailing season, we have logged many thousands of nautical miles and hosted hundreds of wonderful guests aboard Diminuendo.

When we embarked on our venture in adventure, it was to fulfill our dream of sharing the joy of sailing and the wonders of nature in one of the world’s premier cruising grounds, the San Juan Islands. As we plotted our course in business, we were navigating uncharted waters (figuratively speaking). In navigation, allowances must be made for leeway and the set of the current. We mariners call this “course made good.” Over the course of several seasons, we created many warm, glowing memories for our guests and ourselves. Memories are little more than “dreams made good.”

Having fulfilled our dreams, we began to consider what the future held for us, when we would sail off over the horizon on new adventures. But what to do with the thriving, successful business we had created? Who could continue to provide the experiences we’ve given our guests while maintaining our high level of service? We had to look no further than our dear friend, Captain Scott Renzi. He joined the crew in 2019, and by the conclusion of the 2021 season it was clear that he was ready to take the helm. Please join us in congratulating him and welcoming him to the crew.

Fair winds, shipmates!