A Change in Degrees (temperature & latitude)


Life is an adventure on so many degrees.  Lately the degrees I am referring to are both degrees Fahrenheit of temperature and degrees North of latitude.  Over the last week, both have gone through an enormous change.

Tuesday morning as I lifted my weary head from its wonderful night’s slumber in Bend Oregon, my intuition told me that something outside had changed.  I opened the blinds to see a beautiful fresh cover of snow.  There was a fresh three inches of snow on the ground and snowboarding on my mind.  To Mt Bachelor, my local ski mountain, I go.  There, they received a whopping 15” of unforecasted snow for me to play in one more time before I leave.  Here I am at 12 DEGREES fahrenheit and 43.97 DEGREES North Latitude.

After an amazing three hours of riding some super deep and super fun snow, It was time for me to change degrees.  I was headed to the airport to fly out to the British Virgin Islands to sail with two different groups on two different chartered sailboats.  The journey there would be long.  Twenty hours and six airports later I arrive on Tortola, the largest island in The British Virgin Island.  This will be the jump off point for both of our future sailing charters.  Here, at 81 DEGREES fahrenheit and 18.43 DEGREES North Latitude. 

These changes in degrees are quite large.  Things feel different here.  My Winter Pacific Northwest skin hasn’t seen the sun in months.  Northern Me typically only has my cold little nose exposed to the outside weather.  Southern Me needs to be careful.  Here, I also need to keep the skin covered, but for completely different reasons; to keep the sun off.

Tomorrow we launch on our first charter.  The excitement is building.  And so is the wind. The trades are picking up.  Let’s do this!!  More to come.  Stand By.